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tv   PBS News Hour  PBS  December 23, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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o! you do so care! no, i don't care! i don't care. i don't know what-- i don't know what i'm saying anymore. i don't know what i'm thinking. i have 3 days, and now this. i'm sorry. that's all right, man. no! no, i'm sorry. i know. i didn't-- i didn't realize that my retirement was going to screw you up. forget it, man. i haven't got any problems. i was out of line saying that. look, man... no, riggs, look you-- hey, you-- you know i love you. you know i love you, riggs. and you're problems are my problems, right? i mean, like you said, what happens to you, happens to me. so try me. i'm here for you. i--i haven't--i haven't got any problems, roger. no, man. yes, you do. we all have problems. and you helped me, and i'm gonna help you.
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i do have a little problem. uh--aw, no see you don't wanna hear this. this is piddly stuff. yes, i-- riggs, yes, i do. i want to hear it. tell me. you don't-- this is ridiculous. no! no! no, i'm here. i'm here. well... i think... maybe i slept with someone that i probably shouldn't have. you son of a... (water splashing) help me, man. i ought to let you drown, you traitor. help me. come on in. (water splashing) what'd you hit me for? you slept with rianne. i did not. yes, you did. who did you sleep with? i slept with sergeant cole. sergeant cole from traffic? no, not sergeant cole from traffic--lorna. sergeant cole from traffic's her uncle.
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oh, ok. that's ok. oh, i don't know. she doesn't like-- bullhorn: sheriff's department. sheriff? we're--we're l.a.p.d. l.a.p.d. yeah? what are you boys doing down there? well, we're in the middle of a case... of scotch. let's get out of here. (laughing) go--go with the grain. huh? i'll show you. here. you going against the grain. like that. ok.
6:03 pm
you ok? darryl was my friend, dad. i know. i'm sorry, son. i hope you don't blame me. i don't blame you, dad. i blame darryl. huh? what's this right here? huh? right there. where? (chuckling) i love you, dad. i love you, son. boys ii men: ♪ how do i ♪ say good-bye ♪ to what we had? ♪ the good time that made us laugh ♪
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♪ always been... and may the scourge of violence claiming the lives of our children... ♪ i thought we'd get to see forever ♪ amen. ♪ but forever's gone away ♪ it's so hard ♪ to say good-bye ♪ to yesterday ♪ i don't know ♪ where this road ♪ is going to lead mrs. smithers, ma'am. may i--may i-- i--i-- i just don't know--
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you want to do something, rgeant murtaugh? you find the man that put the gun in my son's hand. ♪ i hope this world goes on forever ♪ ♪ it's so hard ♪ to say good-bye ♪ to yesterday take your mama to the car. ♪ it's so hard ♪ to say good-bye... you ok? yeah. who's got the gun? we got it.
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(banging on door) where did this gun come from my friend? forget you! you ever heard of the word genocide, huh? you stupid idiot, huh? you ever heard of the word genocide? you fellas are killing yourselves, you're killing us! i'm tired of it! you better tell me where this come from, or i'll blow your head off! i want to know now! where did this gun come from? (grunting) hey, you see this gun? i want to know where it came from, tyrone. i want to know now! hiya, hubie. hey, we're looking for a friend of yours named travis. i never heard of him. never? errt errt errt! wrong answer.
6:11 pm
hey, you're pulling on the wrong string, greasehead. hey, rog, that's not a very professional attitude. who are you guys? i'm sorry. l.a.p.d. we're just doing a few routine inquiries. have you been checked for lumps recently? hey! hey, give me my freaking wallet! hey, keep your hands down! i said keep your hands down! gimme my wallet back! get up! we don't need this. well, we have a license. belongs to one hubert bartholomew smith. is that you? good picture. hey! maybe they know something. i'll go find out. want me to come with you? no, i got it. maybe i should go with her, riggs. no, i want you to see something. she has a gift. watch this. morning, gentlemen. l.a.p.d. got a few questions. do any of you know a mr. travis? you got a warrant? no, i don't have a warrant, but i can get one. well, until you do, forget you. i don't think so. back spin kick.
6:12 pm
watch out! you ok, honey? i'm just great. honey? lorna: how are you doing? oh, this guy's on parole. double front kick, look at that. (dramatic music) (glass shattering) let me help her. stay still. hey, hey! whoo. that's my girl. you know... this pms, it's murder. yeah. yeah, i know what you mean. i been married 25 years. so tell me about travis. look, i told you before, moron, i don't know no jack travis. i didn't say his name was jack.
6:13 pm
hey, you better start telling me more than jack smart-aleck. hey, murphy. people usually cross the street when they see me coming. yeah, well, i didn't have enough time. i'm not your enemy, captain. i'm just trying to do my job. have you eaten? yeah, i already ate. i gotta go downtown. what, you eat alone? i'm used to it. it's bad for the digestion. tomorrow you have lunch with me, but i'm not paying. what is this? hey, buddy, you all right? 2 fingers, murph. jack, what's this for? get in the car. i'll tell you left or right. you know, after watching lorna handle herself so well, i'm changing my mind about all that kung fu stuff you do. hey, you wanna try something? no. come on. i guess you can't teach an old dog new tricks. hey, hey. old dog, my ass! yeah?
6:14 pm
you wanna try something? ok, watch this. this is called a back spin kick. you pivot on the right, kick with your left, and you whip that head around to catch the target. the target's over there. like this. but get that head around first and follow through. like so. so you whip the head... all right? now you try it. here's your target, all right? remember, pivot on the right, kick with the left, get that head around and spot that target. like that? yeah, that's it. follow the head round. back up a little bit. we don't want you to bump into this pole right here. just back up a little bit more. ok, good. your mind and body are strong now, grasshopper. ok. go. [laughter and applause] hey, hey, hey! he can't hold his water, boys. get back to work! ok, back to work, everybody. oh, rog, man, i'm sorry. sergeant murtaugh, you could be experiencing some transitional anger here
6:15 pm
caused by the shooting. you wanna talk about it? i think he's ok for a change, doc. are you sure? yeah. you really look good in red. that's your color, i think. i've got a little extra time-- i'm fine, doctor. ...right now, sergeant. where's sergeant murtaugh? what? look can you tell me where i can find that good-looking sergeant murtaugh? hey, skinny! delores. you remember me? i remember you. listen, can you tell me where i can find the lovely sergeant murtaugh? as a matter of fact, delores, he's cowering down on all fours behind this counter. ohh! would you-- where's the sergeant? i want to see him. he's not here at the moment, delores, but, hey, you know, he's talked of nothing but you all week. shut my mouth. the man's on fire. what's the matter, baby? oh, a little sciatica. you tell him delores was here. you tell that man that he's the jam in my jelly roll.
6:16 pm
i'll see you, baby, ok? bye-bye. bye. whee! delores says that you're the jam in her jly roll. that's a lot-- i heard! that's a lot of woman. god. she calls me all the time, she leaves me notes. what am i going to do? well, you shouldn't have led her on in the first place. led her on? i didn't do anything. you know me. if trish finds out about this--i didn't... sergeant, we have got to talk. you've gotta come see me. well, we gotta work. come on, let's go. yeah. thanks anyway for your concern, doc. thanks, doc. coming? yeah, i'm coming. afternoon, captain. that's good, murphy. see how easy that was?
6:17 pm
i love it down here, don't you, murph? this place is better than the swap meet. it's the best bargains in town. give me the lockup keys. those guys from the garage, they're all ex-cons and all busted by the same police officer-- lieutenant jack edward travis. early paroles on the work-furlough program. uh-huh, employed by a company called mesa verde construction. just a minute, please. you can't go in there. you don't have a pass. what? may i see your pass? you wanna see my pass? here's my official pass. ok, sergeant wells, he's with us. he's with us? where'd you get her from? riggs: what are you doing out of the hospital? don't mention the hospitali told you not to leave me there, and they tried to take my appendix out. and they gave me a lopotomy. brain surgery? no, a lopotomy, not a lobotomy. why don't you cut your hair so you can hear? what's the difference? the difference is that when you get a lopotomy, they shave your nether regions. nether what? where does it say that a gunshot wound requires a rectal exam, huh?
6:18 pm
yeah, with a telescope big enough to see venus. so what's new on our case? anything new? you got avis yet? what did you guys do, take an ad out in the paper? uh, he's family. who's she? sergeant cole. hey, how are you? leo getz. anything you need, leo getz. get it? yeah, i get it. real estate, right now-- hey. hey, listen. guys, give me a break. i owe this guy one. give me something to do. you can get us a cup of coffee or something. that's great. thanks a lot, riggs. i take one for you, and that's what you tell me? that's all i'm good for? take a slug, you put me on the pile! look! leo! we've got something for yo check out mesa verde construction. find out all the information you can, ok? ok, ok. sure, i can do this. mesa verde. i got it. wait. what are you doing giving him mesa verde? if there's anything there, he'll dig it up. who the hell is that guy? it's a long story. keys! give me you're filthy hands. travis you're a fool! stand here.
6:19 pm
i can get faster results than that real estate broker. oh, leo's not just a real estate broker. yeah, he's a royal pain with a lot of connections. it's what we came for. load everything on the elevator, guys. murphy: how did you know where to find it? world of computers, murph. you punch a clock for 30 years, retirement, pension, nothing to do. drunk at noon, bullet in the brain by evening. well, not for this kid. police department's got it all-- guns, ammo, drugs, cash. it's a one-stop shopping center. if you've got the balls and the brains, there's not a freaking thing anybody can do about it. you're alrea a part of history, jack, and you know it. sorry, murph, i'm just getting started.
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something's wrong here. what? this program's been accessed by somebody from the outside. what? what's been accessed? after the guns were stolen, internal affairs moved all the confiscated ammunition. armor-piercing bullets? yeah, thousands of rounds to a more secure location. that's the information that's been accessed. somebody else knows. where's it stored? where'd they move it? let's . i guess i'm not cut out for internal affairs. where is it? right here in the building. yeah, but where in the building? something's going down, isn't there? no, no. there's nothing going down. i knew it! i'm going with you. no. how old are you? 22 today. are you wearing protection? right here in my wallet. you're vest, you dummy! shall we take him, rog? yeah, yeah. anything rash happens, keep your head down. stay behind me, ok? yahoo! quiet! (dramatic music)
6:25 pm
see, you were my ticket in, murph. it's too bad you won't be coming with me. i'll get it. oh, they got it all. he gone? he's dead, man. how'd they get it out of here? i don't know. they didn't take it upstairs. they would have passed us. hey, the elevator. it's down! it's down! hey, the subway's down there. l.a. has subways? where you been, kid? read something besides the funny papers, kid. all right, guys, come on, let's hustle. let's hurry up, guys. l.a.p.d., guys.
6:26 pm
did you see anybody who shouldn't be down here? anything strange? man: lots of cops and bunch of boxes. cops and boxes? i'm going across, all right? (gunfire) get rid of murphy now! (gunfire) where did you think you're going? let's go! (gunfire) let's get out of here! cover me! (gunfire) kid! (gunfire)
6:27 pm
let's go! [groans] riggs. son, stay still. ahh... happy birthday, kid. (gunfire) another baby.
6:28 pm
hey! is he dead? check the body. walters, get me out of here, will ya? hey, riggs! hey, riggs! stop that cut it out! hey, don't shoot. l.a.p.d., man. where does this tunnel come out? picotation. thanks, pal. hey, not that way. take the stairs, man. it's faster. sorry, pal. where's--where's-- where's-- gangway! get out of my way!
6:29 pm
holy... police? [horn honks] step on it! there he is! step on it! (gunfire) put your foot down! hey, police! what? i need your bike, man. aw, this is bull. sergeant riggs. call it in. i need a couple of clips, too. here, go. i'll call it in.
6:30 pm
ok, we lost him. (siren) central, where's riggs? dispatch: 6 william 6, unknown. central, keep me in touch with motorcycle pursuit. [siren] take a right! go! take a right! no, left, left!
6:31 pm
watch it! this is 6 william 6. i'm at the freeway construction site. where's riggs? i'm here. where's riggs? come back to me, central. dispatch: 6 william 6, location-- where is riggs? take a left here. get off! worker: hey, stop, you! (siren) stop! hold it! ohh... (gunfire)
6:32 pm
(dramatic music) god! hey, jt relax! relax, riggs! riggs! riggs! ohh... (crash) riggs! riggs. hey,ig rgs. hey, j-j-just get back! just get back! riggs, talk to me! hey, riggs. riggs, you're alive. come here. hey, don't move. don't move. just get-- i said just get back! you all right? all right. hey, hey, hey, you're with me. whoa!
6:33 pm
aah! hey, hey, hey, hey, man! don't touch me! ok, ok, ok! i'm not touching you. hey, now, just-- just be careful. oh! don't touch me. ok, i'm not touching you. [bones clack] aah! aah ha ha! ok, you ok now? oh, i'm mad now, rog. now i'm mad. ok, you're mad. that son of a gun. he's done this twice. oh, damn! son of a-- i'm gonna suck his eyes out through his nose, rog. twice. just relax. are you ok? yeah, i'm ok. i'll be ok. are you ok? i'm ok. hey, i'm having it! i ran out of biscuits, all right? give me a break.
6:34 pm
what'd i miss? roger: oh, god. leo, what are you doing here? great car chase. great chase! what are you doing here? how'd you find us, huh? my police scanner. what are you doing with a police anner? what am i--hello? car 54, where are you? i cracked this case for you guys. listen, mesa verde's legit. they got a housing project out in the desert. it's called rancho arroyo. riggs: i know where that is. hey, why don't we go check it out? i'll leave my car here. i'll come with you. no, you're not coming with us! yes, i am! i'll take my car. no, you're not. yes, i am. i can't believe you did that! i got a spare in the trunk. (gunfire) you're driving. no, i'm driving. how could you do that? i can't believe you did that! hey, rog, i can't-- i can't believe-- i can't believe you did that. how could you do that? they're my partners! i can't believe they did that!
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6:40 pm
great place to raise a family. built on guns and bloodshed. that's one hell of a retirement plan this guy's got, isn't it? let's foreclose on this son of a gun. hey, is that, uh... it's darryl's gun. i've been saving it for the right occasion. this is the right occasion. how many men you think he has? who knows. maybe i should run over there ask him. what do you say? that'd be too easy. wish i had some grenades or a nice rocket launcher, maybe a ground-to-air missile. hey, i wonder what murphy's got in his trunk. well, it's obvious murph was never a boy scout. not even a good spare. yeah. [gun clicks] put your hands down. it's embarrassing. how you doing? kissing, huh? fresh ones, huh? oh, yeah, yeah, shaving cuts. you don't get any points for those. how'd you get here? drove. how did you-- i ran into leo at the police station. any idea
6:41 pm
lucky thing we got a plan. yeah, lucky thing. what is it? oh, no. i want it to be a surprise. oh, i like surprises. the cops! move it! go on, check it out. let's go. (gunfire) [siren warbles and dies] look what they did to murph's car. could have been worse. could have been yours. could have been worse. could've been trish's car. on 3. 3. 3? ok. 1... 2... 3! police! freeze! (gunfire)
6:42 pm
go! (gunfire) what's wrong with you? i said go on 3, not 2! she yelled 3. 3! it's always 3! boys! what are we doing here, losing our heads in a crisis? (gunfire) blecch! phooey! exxon. hey, rog! murtaugh! hey, what? count to 20. what? count to 20, then light me. what?
6:43 pm
(gunfire) riggs, it's loaded with ammo! (gunfire) cover me. cover you? cover you? cover me. cover everybody! when is somebody going to cover me for a change? (gunfire) 13, 14-- oh, the hell with it. (gunfire) jack, it's the cops! they're burning everything! (explosions) god!
6:44 pm
(dramatic music) stupid idiots! hey, riggs, the ammo! get out of there! (explosions) riggs, you crazy son of a gun! yeah! ha ha! son of a gun. it works. (gunfire) aah...hey!
6:45 pm
no clip. lorna, no, don't! (gunfire) aah! i'm gonna eat you're eyes!
6:46 pm
travis! hyah! armor-piercing bullets, yeah. cop killers. you're coming with me. riggs, get up! get up, riggs! killed in the line of duty, riggs! (gunfire) you like a funeral from the department, riggs?
6:47 pm
(gunfire) hey, riggs, cop killers! (gunfire) exop killers. go to hell, riggs. you first. (dramatic music) hey, riggs! ohh. i'm sorry, honey. i gotta do it. i gotta look. just hold still. hold still. hey, get a chopper, man.
6:48 pm
get a chopper. she had 2 vests on. she's gonna be ok. couple of bad ones, though. we need to get a chopper. ok, ok, ok. you're all right. you're with martin. you're all right. it's ok. just lie still. just a romantic evening by the fire, just the 2 of us. just be still. [sirens fading] lorna, honey, open your eyes. open your eyes. what are you trying to prove out there, huh? huh? why do you do that? can i take this off? yeah. you're supposed to grow old with someone, not because of them, all right? i'm gonna be with you, lorna. hey, i'm with you now. look, i'm right here. we're both here, right? right.
6:49 pm
come on, i wanna be with you. what do you got to lose? you. not likely. hey, wait a minute. wait a minute. lorna? yes? let's live to regret this, huh? medic: ok, i've gotta go, sarge. ok. medic: she's gonna be fine. can you hear me? i love you. shop kmart and get after christmas prices now... at the winter apparel blowout sale! take up to 60% off... outerwear for the whole family...
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[door opens] surprise! yahoo! ♪ happy retirement, daddy ♪ da dunt ♪ happy retirement, daddy this is it. this is the day. everybody, daddy, want you to know that there's a candle on the cake for every year in the force. yes. a lot of years. a lot of years. come on, you have to blow it out. blow them out. come on. i can't. we'll help. no, that's not what i mean. what? i can't retire.
6:55 pm
i thought i could. i wanted to... but can't. so that means you're gonna stay with the force. that means i'm staying on the force, baby. well, this cake's about to explode, so you better blow out these candles, but, um... dad, i want you to know that i'm behind you all the way. so am i. me, too. it's ok. well, the streets will be safer for another couple of years. word, nick. word, dad. yeah. blow them out! leo: hello? hello. up here. we're up here. oprah should see this. i can't believe this. ok, ok, this is great. leo, what is it? hey, where's riggs? i didn't know he could hold his breath that long. ok, ok.
6:56 pm
i'm taking a bath. i can see that. it's cold water, too. there goes your image. leo! i got great news, ok? once again, leo getz has delivered, ok? i have sold this turkey. this termite-infested dump is now gone, ok? all you have to do is sign the contract before the suckers change their minds, ok? ok? i did it. hey, leo, the house is off the market. we're gonna stay in this termite-infested turkey for another 10 years. at least! at least 10! co on, you guys. come on out. you can't do this. you can do that. you, too, leo. ok, because we're partners, no commission, ok? partners? but you and riggs, you owe me 2 tires. why? because bullets aren't covered in normal road hazard. that's why! and i want those tires! oh, god! leo, get out of here! don't tell me to get out of here! get out, leo! out, out! ok.
6:57 pm
you're lucky your wife's here! no more! you're friends. 10 more years till forced retirement, huh, baby? that's, uh, 3,650 days. 49. oh, yeah. aah! [laughing] i'm trying to improve my image. mmm. [whistling] oh, bye, daddy. bye, baby.
6:58 pm
what are you smiling at? why weren't you at my party, huh? i knew you weren't gonna retire. i've been wrong about a couple of things, in my life, but i knew you weren't gonna retire. right. well, i knew you couldn't stop smoking. i'm only smoking to take my mind off my dog biscuit problem. what dog biscuit problem? well, i've been chasing more cars lately. and, you know, when i lick my paws, i keep falling off the couch. hey, hey, hey. i'm driving! other side. i've got no dispute. i just came to open the door for you. well, thank you. an old fella like you needs all the help he can get. yeah, i'll show you a fella my age. who's the grumpy bastard? yeah, i'm a grumpy bastard. hey, you know something, riggs? when i do retire, i hope your next partner is just like you. that's not gonna happen. 'cause there's winners and there's losers, and god wouldn't do that to me. yeah, well, he did it to me. i know. hey. see what i mean? my point exactly.
6:59 pm
son of a gun. stay away from my daughter. you can't be serious. what are you talking about? i saw what it was. you kissed rianne. can i help it if she finds me irresistible? that's not the point. it was a platonic peck on the cheek between friends. okif it's just friendship, try shaking hands next time. what's your problem? are you getting enough fiber in your diet? i'm getting enough fiber in my diet. i'm spoken for, ok? i'm going to pick lorna up from the hospital this afternoon. yeah? you're serious. well, we got a dog and everything. i figure i can, you knowmake ends meet.


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